• Kayla Wren

The Police Dog Who Changed The Law

Dogs have been our best friends for a long time, they stand with us through thick and thin, they guide us, protect us and love us without condition. All animals are special but not many have done the things a German Shepard named Finn is known for.

On 5thOctober 2016, police dog Finn and his handler PC Dave Wardell were reporting to the scene of a reported burglary, as the two approached the property a man appeared at the back door, he was trying to make a getaway over a garden fence. Finn jumped into action and stopped the crook in his tracks, pulling him down from the fence, the man lunged at Finn, stabbing him in his chest, but Finn refused to give upand with life threatening injuries, he bravely dived in front of a second thrust, aimed directly for PC Wardell saving his life. The second slash with the knife caused another horrific wound to the brave dog’s head. He was rushed to vet and given lifesaving surgery.

Finn recovering after surgery

Little did anyone know that the terrible events of that night would be the start of an amazing adventure that would change things for service animals all over the UK.

Unbelievably the man that carried out the attack that night walked away from trial unpunished for what he did to Finn, no law was in place was in place to protect service animals while they kept us safe. After these events PC Wardell and Finn set about changing thing’s, they started Finns law campaign which was set up to make criminals accountable for attacking service animals. On June 8th2019 Finns Law came into force in the UK. That means criminals can now get up to five years in prison for attacking a service animal.

Finn is retired now but hasn’t slowed down, he has been on Britain’s got Talent where he got to the final, won numerus awards and even has his own book, which we may or may not feature in the Just Killin’ Time Subscription box. Finn truly is the best of boy’s and an amazing hero.

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