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Another Documentary to Tickle Your Pickle

‘Just watch it…I won’t tell you anything else... but it gets very dark, very quickly’. Erm ok. We all have that friend who knows us so well we trust their TV choices unquestionably and this was one of those moments. After an evening discussing reactions to the true crime docs of the moment, ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ and ‘FYRE’, my favourite thing happened. I was introduced to a documentary I hadn’t seen and it was everything it was promised to be.

‘I started this journey curious about a bizarre sport called Competitive Endurance Tickling. But I now think this was never even about tickling... This is about power, control and harassment.’ – David Farrier.

Ticked is a 2016 documentary made in New Zealand by filmmakers David Farrier (Dark Tourist) and Dylan Reeve, who raised NZ$29,570 on Kickstarter to cover some of the production costs. Following in my awesome friend’s footsteps I’m not going to tell you much about this movie that takes a look inside the world of ‘competitive endurance tickling’, other than the WTF moments start from 5 minutes in and just keep on coming.

Farrier’s ability to not react in circumstances that made my toes curl from the comfort of my sofa plus the overall ‘not backing down’ approach from the entire production, makes for some of the tensest and best TV moments I’ve seen in a long time. The story is not over once the credits roll, be prepared to lose yourself to a YouTube wormhole that gets crazier and crazier!

So, while I pat myself on the back for writing a review about a documentary without giving away any real information, why not enjoy the trailer and add 'Tickled' to your watch list immediately!

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