• lynsey walton

The Jordan Peele Produced Series 'Lorena' Is Your Next Obsession

This week Amazon Prime video have released a four-part docuseries re-investigation the events of 1993, that saw Lorena Bobbitt slice off her husband’s penis after years of abuse.

The trial and media circus that followed became infamous, millions watched the televised trial , Lorena became a joke on late night comedy shows and even had to sit through interviews where hosts joked about the woman who cut off her husband’s penis.

The series is titled ‘Lorena,’ and looks at the story behind the headlines, it takes an in depth look at domestic violence and how the media covers high profile cases such as this one. Director Joshua Rofe worked with producers such as Jordan Peele to put the the series together, which interviews almost every person connected to the case, from jurors to hospital staff.

The series is out on 15th February on Amazon Prime Video, please let us know if you will be watching and what you think when you have binged this one?

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