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Levi Bellfield confessed to Russell murders, say convicted man's lawyers


Levi Bellfield has confessed to the Russell killings, according to Micheal Stone's legal team. Stone who was convicted of the murders of Lin Russell and her young daughter Megan, as well as the attempted murder her other daughter Jodie in 1996.

Stone's team and his sister Barbra have claimed that Bellfield made a "detailed confession" to a fellow prisoner that contained details that where never released to the public.

At a press conference on Wednesday by Stone's legal team, solicitor Paul Bacon said

“We have now received evidence of a full confession by Levi Bellfield to the Russell murders, In the confession, Bellfield describes how he came across Lin Russell and her two children, how he attacked them with a hammer, and his motivation for the killing. The confession is detailed and has a number of facts which are not in the public domain.”

The legal team acting for Stone have also claimed to have forensic evidence that matches up with the confession, they declined to state what the evidence was in fear it may effect any future legal proceedings.

The new evidence has been handed to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, said Stone’s barrister Mark McDonald, and calls have been made for it to be tested by the court of appeal.

Barbara Stone said the emerging evidence is the “biggest hope that my brother’s had for a long time”. She told the press: “I understand there’s going to be some interest in the fact that it’s a confession of sorts, given that my brother was convicted by a confession. But ... the confession that convicted my brother, all that information was in the public domain. This information is different, “I’d like to think that this will go to the court of appeal, they’ll hear the evidence, see that it would’ve made a difference at the original trial and that Mick will be released. And then maybe we’ll hit our retirement years and we’ll be able to live in peace.”

Stone has always mainteained innocence, after he was originally convicted in 1998, but that was thrown out by the court of appeal. He was convicted for a second time in 2001 and jailed.

Stone’s legal team have pointed the finger at Bellfield before. In 2011, Bacon claimed Bellfield was a better match for an efit that was drawn up after the Russell murders.

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