• Kayla Wren

Christmas Crimes

Christmas is a time of year that is for peace and love right? Well unfortunately some people don't share that sentiment. Here at Just Killin' Time we have put together a list of crimes that would definitely get you onto Santa's naughty list.

Bath Salts and Decorations

In 2011 while high on bath salts Terry Trent from Ohio decided his neighbours needed some Christmas spirit. He walked in the backdoor of their home and lit candles, arranging them beautifully on the kitchen table, hung a wreath on the garage door and placed presents under the tree. He then turned on the TV and admired the happy scene he had created, but the festive programming woke the sleeping family and Terry's fun was over.

Don't Let the Costume Fool You

Santa pulled off a heist in Papua New Guinea, he turned up with his and elf and convinced the tight security that he was there to spread Christmas cheer and hand out gifts to staff. Santa loaded his sack with $20,000 and walked out the front door like nothing had happened. The staff at Camp NGA Holdings could not identify the men because their disguises were just too good.

Santa Massacre

On Christmas eve 2008 Bruce Jeffrey Pardo walked up to his ex-wifes house dressed as Santa, knocked on the door and shot 9 people and injuring more. Pardo had recently been ordered to pay his ex-wife a large sum of money. Investigators think he had plans of escape after finding a plane ticket at the scene with his name on it, however this didn't work out as Pardo tried to burn the house down but instead set fire to the Santa suit he was wearing.

HO-HO Hold Up

In 2009 Santa walked into a bank in Nashville wearing sunglasses, staff and employees couldn't help but smile at the festive sight until he took a gun from his sack and demanded money so he could "pay his elves". Santa got away with an undisclosed amount of money and fortunately nobody was hurt.

Christmas Shootout

On Christmas eve in 1885 Jack Doyle, Don Sullivan and Buck Hannon were enjoying a festive tipple. The conversation inevitably turned to the mens sexual conquests. Things turned sour when Sullivan claimed to have slept with Doyle's wife, in the argument that followed both men drew their guns and Doyle was quicker, shooting and killing Sillivan. The next day Hannon took vengeance for the death of his friend and gunned down Doyle before fleeing town.

JonBenet Ramsey

Probably the most high profile crime on out list and a case that every true crime fan knows about. JonBenet Ramsey was a 6 year old child beauty pageant queen who was murdered at her family home on Christmas Day 1996 . 21 years on and much of what happened to the girl is still unknown, many theories have been thrown around ranging from her being a victim of random strangers to her family's involvement. However, with the DNA portion of the case recently being reopened to incorporate new technologies, we may be getting closer to the truth.

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