Just Killin' Time 60 Second Interrogation
Terms and Conditions 

Are you the weekend's most giant crime nerd?


10 questions - 60 seconds!

Could you answer them all correctly to win an annual JKT Book Club Subscription worth £288 and an Anker NEBULA Capsule Mini Projector courtesy of CBS reality worth £340?


TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the “60 Second Interrogation” (the “Competition”).


COMPETITION MECHANIC AND HOW TO WIN The prize winner will be an entrant who successfully answer a set of 10 questions correctly within a 60-second timeframe, as timed by Just Killin’ Time. The prize winner will receive a prize of an annual JKT Book Club Subscription worth and an Anker NEBULA Capsule Mini Projector unless otherwise clearly stated at the event. If the entrant fails to complete the mechanic, they will leave with nothing. The station will only accept an entrant’s first answer to a question. Entrants may pass on questions if they wish and will be given the chance to answer again once all 10 questions have been asked, but only if there is still time remaining. An answer won’t be accepted if the timer has run out, even if the related question was posed before the time ran out. If there is more than one player with the same top score, a tie-breaker question will be asked.


COMPETITION DATES 11th and 12th June 2022. The exact opening and closing times will be displayed on the JKT stall. JKT reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time. The winner will be announced at CrimeCon UK closing speech on 12th June 2022.


ENTRY RESTRICTIONS • Open to UK residents aged 18 years or over on the date of entry. • Our employees (and their family members) or employees of any company involved in the Competition, incl. the Prize Provider, must not enter.


THE PRIZE The Prize is provided by JKT and CBS reality.



DATA PROTECTION. Names, email addresses, and/or telephone numbers will be collected and used to process entries. Your details may remain stored after the End Date but will not be used for marketing unless you have opted in to do so. If you have, your details will be used in accordance with the information given when you opted-in and gave your consent. For more details, see: https://www.justkillintime.org/privacypolicy


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONSENTS. By entering this Competition, you are consenting to our use of your entry both to publicise this Competition, Just Killin’ Time or any other partnerships including CrimeCon UK. This means that we may use all names, images, descriptions, photographs video footage, and other information, which you’ve submitted on entry, in any media, without paying you and without any time restriction. You also agree that we may film, record or photograph you in connection with the competition and /or the Prize. We will own these films, recordings or photographs and we may use them publicly, including on the internet, for our radio broadcasts and/or for any promotional purposes. You will also have waived any moral rights or right to payment that you may have had.


MISCELLANEOUS. a. Entries that don’t comply with these terms will not be accepted and you may be disqualified if we think you have breached them. b. Participants may enter more than once. c. If there is a dispute about the operation of the Competition or the correctness of any answers given, our decision is final and no discussion will be entered into on this subject.  d. As far as it is lawful to do so, we exclude our liability for any losses suffered in connection with the Competition / the Prize. i. We may cancel/amend / end / suspend the Competition if we need to do so due to circumstances outside our control.

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